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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We have been actively searching out partners to join with us to meet our member’s needs today and tomorrow.  We have several partners that have joined us, but I think we have not done the best job of letting you know what we have been up to or how these folks can help meet your needs. 

For a credit union our size, we are limited to what services we can provide on our own. Through the development of relationships with other folks that are just as interested in working with you as we are, and have the right mix of services to meet your needs, we can expand our services to you.  We can bring in folks with the right expertise that understand you and your needs.  These are not vendors that come to us and want us to endorse some product so we can generate greater fee income. In many cases, these are people we have approached because we felt they could fill a void that we simply could not afford to take on ourselves.  I would like to take some time and introduce these partners to you and explain who they are and why we work with them to meet your needs.

We have a great credit union partner that has been with your credit union since the late 1960s. CUNA Mutual supports credit union efforts and assists us in meeting our member’s needs by providing a wide range of insurance products. They continue to create products and provide services to credit unions and our members today.  Our members understand the need to protect their families from unnecessary financial hardships and have insurance products that cover you and your family’s financial wellness.  They provide credit life and credit disability insurance products to protect your loan in case of death or disability.  Our members understand the need and CUNA Mutual provides the products.  This partner also provides many member direct products through a program call TrueStage.  These are services such as brokerage services and auto insurance programs.


CUNA Mutual also protects your credit union by providing our bond to protect your credit union from unplanned or unforeseen losses.  They cover our buildings if they are damaged or lost in an accident.  They provide our protection of monetary loss in most of the fraud cases that may arise from a member or a staff member.  They make sure the board is covered in case of the loss of key employees and that they have the facilities to replace those key employees so your credit union is not at unnecessary risk.  They even work with your board and staff to make sure we know what is on the horizon and what we can do to prepare for the future.


We have partnered with Dale Roshek and his team to make sure you have resources available to help you plan for retirement.  These folks work very hard to understand your retirement plans and will work to help you achieve your personal financial goals.  We reached out to Dale because of his expertise with groups and individuals that compare very closely to our member’s demographics.  Many of our members used to have access to experts like Dale’s team through the Postal Service, but as with all changes, that appeared to be something missing and very much needed in today’s changing financial environment. I recommend them to you as a strong resource for advice and products.  We have begun offering lunch-and-learns at our offices each quarter. These are meetings that provide education and an opportunity to ask those questions that have plagued you as you try to plan your future.  Dale and his team are at these meeting which last around an hour.  Please watch our notices for these meetings and get signed up. I know you will not be disappointed.

 Principle Financial Group

Financial education is a top priority for us today.  We want to make sure you have the tools you need to make not only your financial decisions for the future, but also just to help you manage your financial needs to the best of your ability today.  These tools come to us through Balance Financial Planning, and they go all the way from providing online training to one-on-one counseling sessions.  They have budgeting tools, pod casts, web presentations, and they expand on their offerings daily.  I am amazed at the number of members that have come to our website and begun using their tools. We use them for our first time borrowers, folks that have made mistakes in their financial management and members that would like to have access to some services they might not qualify for today – such as a responsible teen that would like to have a debit card or sharedraft account.  We might make an exception if they complete a class on the basics of checking accounts.


Allied Solutions is another partner that works with us in several areas. They help protect us from the folks that don’t insure the vehicles they finance with us.  They make sure we do not take that unexpected hit from the member that does not get insurance, damages their vehicle and decides to walk away from the debt.  Allied Solutions also provides the accidental death and dismemberment insurance for our members.  They are the first to work with us to bring new products and services to our members.

Allied Solutions

Group Benefits Limited has worked with us for many years to bring our employees coverage’s for health, life and disabilities.  They have expanded those offerings to provide individual products to our members.  We saw a real need for this partnership for the new employees entering the workplace that do not receive health insurance and other benefits for a period of time. GBL can provide the coverage you need to make sure you are protected.  This could be health insurance from many different levels to Aflac insurance for specific needs.  They also have many other products and services for you to take a look at.

Group Benefits Limited

We partnered several years ago with AtiraCredit to provide you with a well-priced and benefit rich credit card product.  We just could not meet the market demands competitively managing that program on our own. This partnership allowed us to invest with them and share in the revenue while providing a great product to our members that are hard to beat in the market today considering the rates and rewards program offered. 


Premier Lending lets us bring to you a very competitive mortgage product line.  They serve our members by helping them achieve the dream of home ownership.  They keep us competitive, compliant, at the front of the market and have worked very hard with us to create a program with the Federal Home Loan Bank that will allow your loan to stay in Iowa and be serviced by an Iowa owned and managed organization.

Premier Lending Alliance

We partnered with several credit unions through an organization called CO-OP to bring a branch of your credit union to wherever you may be.  This is truly unique and a great example of credit union cooperation.  We have over 5,000 credit union offices and branches of all sizes that work together to bring service to our members all over the United States. 


One of our latest partners is LSI.  Through our partnership we can provide you with 24/7 telephone service.  We realized our members needed access to us more than 9-5, so we joined forces with Lending Services Inc.  Now we provide balance inquiries, loan application approvals, transfers and many more services 24/7 at the touch of your phone.  If there happens to be something you need that you cannot get through our virtual branch from our website, these folks are there and ready to help.  If you go to our website and apply for that loan, LSI are the ones that make it so you don’t have to wait that 24 or 48 hours for a response. They try to get you an answer within 10 minutes. 

Lending Solutions Inc.

We will continue to look for ways to provide you access and solutions to your financial needs whether it is through our branch operations or our partner network. The best solution is your solution.




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