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Financial information/Education

We have heard time and time again our members need access to information to help them make their day to day financial decisions.  If you have never taken out a loan we have a full unit for first time borrowers, not only will we provide the information but we also have the incentive.  We have created a first time borrowers program where you can complete three of five first time borrowers courses successfully and come to First Class and we will do everything possible to help you out with that loan in a responsible manner.  
Maybe you are curious as to what a credit score is and how to maintain a strong credit score. We have a full section on your credit bureau and how it affects you.  If you have had a bad credit experience and want to know how to fix score, we have just the information you need.  Today your credit score not only determines if you get a loan, it determines how much you pay for that loan.  In many cases it even determines who will do business with you, so learning and understanding what a credit score is may determine your ultimate financial success.
Do you have a credit card today? Do you really know what that card is costing you and what the ramifications are you miss a payment or do not pay off the balance.  We have a cheat sheet available on our web site that will help you compare credit cards and their options.  Are cash rebates the way to go, how about those air miles or point which is really the best deal to meet your specific needs.
First time homebuyers, what do you need to now before you take that big step?  It more than just the pretty house you always wanted and that the payment feels like it is okay.  What are the actual costs of upkeep, heating and having the water you need? It is the same thing if you are purchasing a new vehicle what should you look for before you buy the vehicle and expect after you purchase. 
We have created a partnership with a company called "Balance" to bring you the best and most current information you need when you are making financial decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Rates Effective: 3/20/2019
Auto Loan 2.50%* APR
Home Equity 5-year 4.750% APR
Home Equity 7-year 5.000% APR
Share Draft Line of Credit 13.9%* APR
*With approved credit. Certain restrictions apply. Rates subject to change. Rates are stated As Low As.


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